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Thursday 9 May 2013

Lifestyle | Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! YAY that the weather is still pretty lovely, i do love waking up in the morning with the sun shining and the birds singing :D I was up super early today I went to work with my Dad this morning which usually involved waking up at the crack of dawn haha. 

I know it's only just turned May you can never be too prepared for upcoming events. Before you know it it'll be June and Fathers Day! June is a busy month for me and gift for my Dad, it's his Birthday the 12th, St Antonio Day the 13th, Fathers Day the 16th and then my parents 24th Wedding Anniversary the 17th! So as you can tell i have quite a few presents to purchase, so i thought i'd put together a 'Gift Ideas' post to help me decided on what to get this year.

1. Lunch at a Luxury Hotel

This is something a little more special, plus you can spend some quality time with your Dad! Who wouldn't love to be wined and dined at a Luxury Hotel?!

2. Game Console Controller

Boys and their toys right?! Even though i must say these Gioteck game console controllers look pretty nifty. My Dad loves sneaking off and playing with all his games on the Wii, PS3 and XBOX, he is a big kid at heart haha. Getting a special gaming controller would make the gaming experience more fun, plus they are wireless which means less wires and less mess :D

3. Chanel Bleu Cologne

This is something i am going to be getting my Dad this year so i thought i would include it in this post. Obviously, you could choose a different brand and smell depending on your preferences. Chanel is a favoured brand in the Meola household and when i went to my latest Chanel event i got a few samples of this and thought it smelt pretty amazing so decided it would be a nice little treat for my Daddy :)


Watching TV has become a huge part of all of our lives now a days. My Dad included is a total TV buff and loves watching all of his shows from Football, QI, Mock the Week, Only Fools and Horses and so on. The list could literally go on and on forever haha. The linked website has a huge variety of LED TV's to choose from at such reasonable prices. A TV would be such an unexpected surprise.

5. Jack Daniels

Right, i am in no way trying to promote drinking at all by including this product in this particular post. It just so happens that Jack Daniels is one of my Dads favorite drinks. Getting a bottle of something is always an easy option (if their over 18) for a stocking filler when your stuck on something to get.

6. Ferrari Experience - Silverstone

All guys like fast cars so what better way to gove a special gift than a Experience Day at Silverstone. I have chosen Ferrari for this post as my Dad abslutely adores Ferrari, Italian Family and all haha but Silverstone have tones of different experience days to choose from.If your unsure on which experience packages to go for you can simply purchase vouchers for your Dad to choose himself, they'll be like children in a sweetie shop haha :D

7. Personalised Posters 

I love the fact that personalised gifts can be treasured forever! These super cute posters are the perfect little gift which are extremely meaningful and super affordable. This would be just right for my Dad to hang up in his office at work along side all of the other goodies i have made him throughout the years.

I hope you all enjoyed this gift post and hopefully picked up a few helpful ideas. I'd love to know your thoughts on the goodies and what you might be purchasing this year :) If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below! Love hearing from you all :D

Lots of Love


  1. Some fab gift ideas. My Dad's done a few of those driving experiences and they're fantastic! x

    1. Thank you :D ahh the driving experiences are super fun! wouldn't mind doing one for myself haha xx

  2. great post! love getting ideas for father's day as dads can be so hard to buy for!

    -ariel* xoxo

  3. This post reminded me about fathers day, I had completely forgot haha.. some great ideas thanks for this !! Misha x

  4. I love this post! I LOVE personalised gifts, really personal and unique so they seem to mean a bit more! Definitely reminded me to start thinking haha
    Kirsty xoxo

  5. Great gift ideas :) I always find it hard to pick gifts for fathers day and birthdays normally I play safe with lynx, chocolates or cash ;-) great post xx

  6. Loved this post sweetie :) I'm loving your latest posts <3 and have just been catching up on them!

    Some great idea's - I'm thinking of heading to North Face for my dad as he's obsessed haha!

    Lots of love <3


  7. Cute cute blog! Love the design.

  8. Ah the meal sounds like a lovely idea. Just came on your blog for the first time :) it's really nice! Ps thanks for reminding me Father's Day is coming up!! Haha xx

  9. such a lovely ideas ! Cool blog dear ;))

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  11. Great gift ideas for Fathers Day. Fathers day is the occasion when people think about their child hood and about their father. There are lot of Fathers Day Messages are available in the web, to attach with your beautiful gift ideas.


  12. Thanks for a nice collection of gift ideas for father's day. I think a card with some heartfelt fathers day messages will surely make his day. Happy Father's day to all wonderful dad around the world!

  13. This list is honestly jaw-dropping for me, big time! hehehe I can't make it yet..
    But I'm happy enough to find this blog post. I'm happy enough there's lots of people excited for the father's day even =)
    25 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

  14. and oh, overall this blog is great dear <3
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  15. I love your Fathers day gift ideas especially the LED TV, i know all dad would appreciate an expensive gift for fathers day.


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