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Saturday 20 October 2012

Haul | My Dads Trip To Our Local CCO

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all good and have had an amazing weekend so far. I've literally had the most relaxing day ever, no work this weekend and had a pj day watching tv and browsing the bbloggersphere :) 

So todays post is actually a haul which my Dad did for me a few weeks ago. My Dad was on his way home from an all day business meeting and he passed our nearest Outlet which is Bicester Village on his way home. I was so jel because i always love a cheeky trip to Bicester, i can always pick something up in the Cosmetic Company Outlet, Jack Wills, UGG, Mulberry or Ralph Lauren and the list could go on and on haha.

So, bless my Dad he went into the CCO and picked me up a few things and he picked everything all by himself haha This was actually the same day when my Michael Kors watched arrived so i felt really spoilt. I'd had a few stressfull days previous so these little treats definitely made me feel so much better. Thank You so much!!

All images are from my Instagram account 'SophiaMeola' if you have Instagram come and say hi :D

So this is everything Dad picked up for me, i'm not 100% sure but i believe they are all from Limited Edition Collections unless the Sheen Supreem Lipsticks are part of the permanent line now :) but they are all very versatile shades which i'm sure you could pick up either in MAC or another brand of your choice :D

MAC Sheen Supreem Lipstick - Happy Hibiscus

My Dad was spot on when getting this lipstick for me, light pick shades are my favorites to wear and this is so stunning, when i swatched it when i first got it i fell in love straight away. The formula is very creamy and has long lasting power :) these lipsticks have the colour pay off of a lipstick but the shine and finish of a lipglass which is fabulous. 

This is such a beautiful shade, it could be worn on it's own or with a lipgloss on top to intensify the colour or to add a little sparkle ;) this shade reminds me of one of my favorite lipsticks from YSL #9 'Lingerie Pink' 

MAC Jaunty  & Nautical Navy Eyeshadows from 'Hey Sailor!' Collection

When the Hey Sailor! Collection hit the bbloggersphere and i saw the sneak peek photos Jaunty & Nautical Navy both caught my eye and were on my wish list. When the collection finally released i didn't think anything of it and couldn't justify the purchase maybe? but it kind of just passed by and i missed the entire collection. Usually i always tend to purchase something from every collection, bit MAC obsessed here haha

When i saw they were both in the bag i was so happy, they are both very pretty shades which can be used with countless makeup looks. It was kind of fate in a way i guess haha just had to wait and they would eventually come to me haha and we even got them at a cheaper price ;)

MAC Double Feature #3 Eyeshadow Duo 

This is such a stunning Duo Palette, the Taupe shade is right up my street and a colour i usually wear and adore. The turquoise shade is stunning, it's not a shade i would typically use because sometime bright colours scare me a little bit haha but when i swatched these two shades next to each other they really complimented each other. I think using the Taupe shade all over your lid and then adding the Turquoise as an accent colour on your bottom lash line and a pop of colour would look stunning :D

I absolutely love everything my Dad picked up for me and he done a pretty good job picking everything all by himself, so proud haha. 

Hope you liked this quick little haul, was writing it up whilst watching X Factor :D

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D i love hearing from my lovely followers! <3>

Lots Of Love



  1. Great haul, i love jaunty x

  2. Wow your dad is a clever chap isnt he :)That lipstick is such a beautiful colour!

    I love PJ days when you have the weekend off work :) theyre the best :) xx

  3. how much are mac products from cco's i was wondering because there one quite near where i live but im not sure if its worth the long drive? that ipstick looks gorgeous btw :) xo

    1. I think it all varies on the type of product your purchasing and whether it was from a limited edition collection :)
      The single eyeshadows were £8.75 and on the MAC website they are £12
      The Lipstick was £10.25 and on the MAC website they are £14.50
      The Duo Palette was £14 and i believe originally they were around the £20 mark :)
      I love CCO's because you can pick up Limited Edition items and also permanent items for really cheap :D i'd definitely give it a visit one day, you'll be surprised what you can pick up, they also stock MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and all sorts :D i'm seriously like a kid in a sweet shop whenever i go haha :D


  4. I wish my dad would buy me MAC :P xo

  5. Found your blog through Instagram! :)

    & your dad is awesome! My parents always tell me to stop buying makeup -__-

  6. I have a cosmetic company near me, finding MAC bargains really does make my day! Great finds, your dad sounds pretty cool!!

    Maddie xx

  7. Aww this is so cute of your Dad. Mine wouldn't have a clue, haha xx

  8. Your dad has such good taste!! :) xx

  9. You lucky lady what great taste your dad has! NExt time I'm in the UK I may have to check out Bicester Village, it sounds amazing! xx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  10. Wow, your Dad has good makeup taste aha! Doubt my Dad even knows what MAC is xx

  11. Wow your dad has good taste! My dad definitely doesn't know what MAC is! haha xx

  12. WOW! Im jealous!! Your dad is such a great makeup buyer! My dad would be totally lost and go to an APPLE store if I mention MAC!!


    The Misty Mom

  13. Awwww what a great Dad you have X

  14. What a great dad with superb taste! My dad would probably come back with some sort of filler if I asked him for make up, haha!

  15. Wow that is so kind and thoughtful of your dad! such taste aswell haha!

  16. Aww that's so kind of your dad to pop into a makeup store for you! Love the things he got, especially the lipstick! My dad would probably just roll his eyes or think about Mac n cheese if I'd ask for some MAC goodies ha xx

  17. Wow, looks like you got some great things! We don't have a CCO near so I miss out on some fab bargains!

    Thanks for sending me your link via the #bbloggers chat :)
    Rebecca x

  18. Oh wow, they all look amazing

  19. Wow, how cool is your dad?! My dad would be so confused in a makeup store lol!!

  20. How sweet of your dad! My dad would be a mess, I don't think he understands how we come downstairs every morning looking as we do so it'd be a total mystery! Lovely choices x

  21. Your Dad has some seriously good taste! Can I please borrow him :D

    Wendy Xoxo


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