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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Collective Haul | River Island, Primark, Sleek & Sallys Wholesale

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and had a spookalicious Halloween haha :) If your a new reader or stopped by to take a peek from the #bbloggers chat tonight then Heyyy :D 

Tonight's post is quite a large collective Haul from last Thursday. It was VAT off day at Sallys Wholesale and i couldn't resist getting a few goodies i'd been eyeing up for a while. I then popped into town and ended up walking through Primark, now if your a regular reader of my blog you'll know my obsession with Primark. Every time i walk through i always seem to spot something and then walk out with bags full of clothes :O it's actually scary haha I then stopped by River Island just to have a quick browse and ended up picking up a few things. By this point i was on a roll so i decided i wanted to get something from Sleek, i've never tried the brand before and thought it was about time, theirs always so many amazing reviews floating around in the #bbloggersphere :D

I wont make this a super long post as it is quite picture heavy, i will be reviewing certain items in more detail in future posts :D 

First Stop - Sallys Wholesale 

We decided to get a variety of 'Sleep In Rollers' i'd heard such great reviews about them and decided i wanted to try them out for myself. I got the Mega Bounce 10 Pack above and the Sleeping Beauty Glitter Set below. I have yet to try them out but will be doing a review soon for you all :) I have naturally wavy / curly hair and on a night out i tend to use some Hot rollers for a bit more umphh and staying power so it'll be great to see how these will curl my hair.

As soon as we saw the 'Breast Cancer Awareness' polishes we just had to get them. They are such stunning pink colours but purchasing it is going towards an amazing cause. 

We then got the famouse 'Duo - Lash Glue' I recently misplaced my lash glue and have no idea where it is haha, i'd always wanted to try this particular make as it's highly recommend around the bbloggersphere. Can't wait to whip out some false lashes for the party season :D

We'd been eyeing up the 'Gelish' nails sets for a whole now, i had my Acrylic nails taken off and i had Gelish applied to my nails twice just to try and keep their length and strengthen them up a bit as they are very very thing at the moment. Well, they've all broke now :( and i'm waiting for them to grow back so i can experiment with our new set. As you can see we got the Mini starter set, just until we get to grips with it all, it has everything included for you to start going. 

We also got our first Gelish polish in - Passion It's coming up a lot darker in the photo than what it really is. It a lovely subtle pink shade perfect for everyday :)

Then the big purchase of the day, the UV lamp. We decided on the middle range as it's a popular one that beauticians go for, as we were told in store. It has great reviews and comes with a great guarantee. 

So we will keep you all posted on our Gelish journey haha

Next Stop - River Island

We got 2 items in River Island, the first top is mine, i was planning on wearing it with a Skater skirt for an event but i decided on a different top in the end, as you do haha ;) i still absolutely adore it and can't wait to rock it! I absolutely love the studded detailing on the shoulders!!

The second top is actually for my Mum but i decided to throw it in here for you guys as it's stunning! My mum has this top in a grey colour also, she adores leopard print and when we saw it we knew it was a sign haha It's not as clear in the photos but there are a row of studs just under the black fabric, i love how it gives a modern edge with the leopard print - grrrr ;)

Next Stop - Primark - AKA Primarni ;)

I actually fell in love with this jumper as soon as i saw it, it instantly reminded me of CANDY FLOSS :) It's not as clear in the photo again but it actually has pink, blue and purple thread throughout the fabric, i think it's absolutely stunning, it's plain but so very effective :)

Who isn't loving a bit of burgundy for the fall/winter time?! I absolutely adore it :D I'm actually going to wear this to University tomorrow with some black riding leggings and my Classic Small Grey UGGS ;) Yeahhh Buddyyy 

I then saw these blouses and though they were so pretty! Yet again i opted for a classic black and also the beloved burgundy shade, i love the subtle stud buttons, i think it adds a little something as the overall cute of the blouse is quite classic and simple. Also, you can just about see in the picture that the back is actually scooped and backless, it's so beautiful on. I wore the burgundy one with some leggings to my trip to London yesterday and it looks so classy. 

I then got this blouse, my mum really loved this particular one. Yet again it's very simple, but has some textured detailing on the collar and the cuffs. Also the back of the blouse has been stitched so it cinches in and rouges in, it really accentuate your waist. 

This is the most comfortable slouchy jumper you could own, and it was sooo cheap. It literally feels like your lounging in your pyjamas all day. i love how it comes off one of my shoulders for a more 60's look. I love wearing this with simple leggings and UGG boots :D

How stunning is this collection?! I just had to go for it. I initially went in looking for this particular statement necklace and fell in love with the other items in the collection. It is quite out there and not for everyone but i think each item worn alone could really spice up a simple outfit :) 

Last Stop - Superdrug - Sleep Counter

Last but not list i opted to get this Sleep Face Form Contouring & Blush palette. I havent tried any Sleek products before so i went into Superdrug not knowing what to expect. I was instantly drawn to this as it has everything you'd need to sculpt your face in the morning :) Can't wait to use this and give a review for you all. If you'd tried this before i'd love to know what you thought of it :D

Right, that was my Collective Haul, so sorry if it's super long, hope it wasn't too boring to read ;) If you'd tried anything or purchased anything the same i'd love to know what your thoughts were also :D don't be shy i love hearing from you all! 

If you have any requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact me :) i'm on twitter, Instagram and email.

Lots Of Love



  1. OMG i need that earing's!! today I went to primark and there was ...


  2. ooo i was planning on wearing my burgundy sweater tomorrow also! twinsies hehehe xoxox

  3. Amazing haul beautiful :)

    I think u need to head to primark to get some jumpers! They look so snugly hehe

    Lots of love xxx

  4. Love all the clothes you've bought! Lovely haul! xx

  5. They all look great, wish I had long hair to justify the rollers!
    How much was the UV lamp?:)

    The Teapot Blog

    1. Originally i think the lamp was around £79.99 but without the VAT & because we have a Sally Card it came to £59.99 so saved just under £20 :D


  6. Love all the bits from primark and river island top is stunning too :)

  7. Hey I am @sophiepatty :) thanks for checking out my blog; and I love your blog so shall follow xx

  8. Some great finds! I'm loving primarks knitwear at the moment, perfect for this cold weather. Pretty much everything I have bought this season has been burgundy or black, right down to underwear and socks!xx

    (had a quick look through some posts and love your blog so definitely followed :)

  9. Great Haul with some eye catching things :)


  10. Absolutely love the open back shirts, need one of these in my life!

    Just got round to checking out your blog from the #bbloggers chat, I love it! Say hheelllooo to your newest follower :)

    Jo xo

  11. The OPI set is cute :) I'd love to do my own gel nails. Let us know how you get on with them :) xx

  12. Great haul , love the sweaters xxx

  13. Ooh my goodness I didn't spot the jewellery in Primark! So sparkly I need these haha. Great haul lovely xx

  14. ohh please let me know what you thought of the rollers!

  15. hi i'm a portuguese fan , and i really want that earings , i also do a post on my blog talking about them !

    you can read here (

    is there any way if you can buy some?

    i pay!

    kiss i hope u ansewr me

  16. Hi lovely,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    You have such a great blog! I love it.
    Keep us posted on the gelish and the UV lamp, I'm after one and also want to try gelish so will be good to read!

    Also, following you back.

    Stay in touch!


  17. I love all the clothes you picked up, they look like winter staples - especially the big cosy knits :) xx

  18. love the cream Primark shirt I'll have to look out for that next time I'm in! please take a look at my blog as I've only recently set it up :) xx

  19. I really like the necklace!

    And I want to buy a gelish nail set! Last quite a while! :)

    Naomi xxx


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