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Saturday 18 August 2012

Real Techniques Blush Brush & Powder Brush

Hello My Lovelies,

Todays post is a Real Techniques review for you all. These brushes are truly amazing and are definitely up their with my favorites like MAC. I recently purchased the Blush Brush and Powder Brush and posted about it in my recent Haul post. It was highly requested that i do a review on them, so here it is!

My Real Techniques Collection consists of -

- Stippling Brush
- Shading Brush
- Blush Brush
- Powder Blush

The Real Technique brushes i have tried already i  have been incredibly pleased about. They are very soft, pick up products properly and evenly apply my makeup on my face. I love how they all have their own name and use labeled on the handle, but i have found they could also be used for other purposed than specified on the brush. They are also very handy because they are flat at the end of the handle so they could easily stand up on your vanity if your using them or want them on display. They are very sturdy and hard wearing so if you drop them you know they're not going to snap in half :L I adore the colour range they come in from the pink, orange and purple, each colour has a specific meaning -

Pink - Your Finish Perfected
Orange - Your Base Flawless
Purple - Your Eyes Enhanced

Blush Brush

This particular Blush Brush is hand-cut to contour and define cheek for flawlessly blended, high definition results. It is incredibly soft and i love the shape of the bristle itself. It applied my blush beautifully and it looked flawless and very natural. I love how the shape of this brush could be used for a numerous of other purposes. This would also act as a perfect contouring brush as the shape of the brush curves into a point at the tips which would great the perfect chiseled cheek bones and face. I have only used this particular brush with powdered blushers but i have seen online in 'Pixiwoo's' youtube videos that they use a variety of creme and powder blushes with this brush, so it is very versatile. 

Powder Brush

This particular Powder Brush evenly applies powders and mineral foundation for smooth, high definition results. I found this brush perfect for applying my face powder and also for applying my beloved Hoola Bronzer all over my face for a sun kissed glow. It picked up the products great and distributed them on my face perfectly not leaving any cakey powder areas which we all hate. Like i said above all brushes have been used for both creme and powdered products in the 'Pixiwoo' youtube videos so that is always a plus, you definitely know they are not going to get damaged on you if you use a creme or powdered product. So they are perfect to use all year round. As the shape of the brush is very large but slightly flat it could be used to apply highligher and to contour and even blush if your in a hurry :) this perfect brush does it all :D

Also a plus is that all the brushes are made from high quality Ultra Plush Synthetic Taklon Bristles which i believe are cruelty free! These are also the same bristles which Urban Decay used on some of their brushes which is great because basically...Your getting an amazing brush, which is cruelty free which is made from high end materials for an incredibly reasonable price - perfection!!

Hope you liked this post, thank you for requesting it! If you have any questions or any other requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :)

Lots Of Love



  1. Great review, I really want to try both of these!


  2. Great Review Lovely :)
    Real Techniques are amazing, and I'm currently loving the "Buffing Brush"

    Love India <3

  3. Lovely review hunni. I love my Real Techniques Stippling brush but have been wanting to get my hands on their blush brush and your post has reminded me that I need to get it... thank you lol x

  4. Really need to try the blush brush! I didnt know you could use it with cream formulas too so ill definitely look into grabbing one of these - love the real techniques!xx

  5. I don't have either of these real techniques brushes but they look and sound amazing and am seriously considering picking them up, especially as I love the ones I own so much x

  6. Great Review! Your blog is so cute! Just started following! Please come follow my page as well?

  7. Love their brushes need to pick up the blush brush!

  8. I love both these brushes, the eye brush set is next on my list xxx

  9. I just recently picked up these two brushes.
    I am in love with how big and fluffy the powder brush is, it's just perfect.
    I also adore how soft the brushes are. Nice review!!


  10. the blush brush is my absolute fave! so happy we can get these in the US ha xox

  11. I have the stippling brush to put my foundation on with and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread! haha x

  12. I really want to get these two. I have the starter set and the eye set. They are the best brushes ever :)


  13. Really great reviews :)

  14. I adore this brush brand! I have the expert face brush and stippling brush and they are so good! lovely blog, following :) xxx

  15. Reading this post is making me want to buy them, they look really good!x

  16. Just came across your blog, i love it! i'm a new follower:) Dying to get my hands on these brushes!

  17. I'm looking for some new brushes, really useful blog post for me! They all look beautiful and fluffy! Need to start saving up! Thanks for the help xxx

  18. love real techniques brushes! they are really long lasting and soft :)

  19. hi! yes i do have a question! i was wondering where you can get them from. i read the post but didnt catch it if you mentioned it. i love the idea of the different colors with different meanings! it makes it easier for people, yah no? i can't believe they are made with the same hairs as urban decays brushes! nice! i would love to know where to get them and how much they are. thank you!!

    1. Hiya :D I got mine from my local Boots store, which is great because you can get Boots points and spend them later on :). The Blush brush was £9.99 & the Powder brush was £12.99. I havent come across any other place near me which sells them.

  20. i love the fact they are made with the same stuff from UD. means you really are getting a bargain! I also love the color guide thing too. makes it easier! I would love to know where i can get them and how much they are. I read and re-read & maybe i missed it if you mentioned that. sorry if so but thank you for sharing!


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