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Monday 6 August 2012

My Everyday Bronzer & Blusher Combo

Hello My Lovelies,

We are now day 6 into my August daily postings and unlike yesterday i had no trouble coming up with todays post haha I decided to share with you 'My Everyday Bronzer & Blusher Combo' which i have used near enough everyday for about 18 months. Obviously, i do change it up every now and again and when i go out i tend to mix a few different bronzers and blushers for that more night time glamorous look ;) 

My everyday go to Bronzer is Benefits 'Hoola' and my go to Blush is Benefits 'Sugarbomb' :) Like i said in a previous post, the day i passed my Driving Theory in 2010 me and my mum went shopping after to celebrate and purchased a load of items, 2 of them being my Hoola Bronzer & Sugarbomb Blush. 

As you can see from the picture i have hit pan ALOT but considering i've been using them near enough everyday for about 18 months they are super duper long lasting and definitely value for money. 

I had my eye on Hoola for a while and when we went to the Benefit counter i knew that was one of the items i was definitely going to purchase. Then the counter makeup artist offered to do my makeup and used an array of items from 'You Rebel' tinted moisturiser, BadGal Lash in Plum and the Hoola Bronzer & the Sugarbomb blush. At first i had my eye on the 'Coralista Blush' but as soon as she used the Sugarbomb i instantly fell in love. It was a little scary in the box because it has four different shades, a light pink, dark pink, peach & Purpley plum shade but swirled together it creates the most beautiful illuminating blush which really defines your cheek bones. 

Hope you enjoyed this short post :) i'd love to know what your favorite bronzers an blushers are!

If you have any questions or any requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :)

Lots Of Love



  1. Oooh I've purchased Hoola before but never Sugarbomb but it looks right up my street!
    I love Sleek's trio of blushers but my two fav's from it are "crochet & chantilly"

  2. Hey Lovely!
    Long time no speak! - I love the look of "Hoola" but I really want to try "Coralista"
    I'm currently loving my MAC Cremeblend Blush in "Something Special"

    Love India <3

  3. I love a great bronzer! The one that I use is from Clinique. I've read excellent reviews like yours from Benefit bronzers so when mine runs out, I am going to try the Sugabomb, I like the multi-colore. First time visiting from the blog hop, would you like to follow each other?

  4. I love the Dandelion blush by Benefit and Macs blush in pinch of peach they are really pretty for summer. x

  5. I have always wanted to try this bronzer I already love the blush but now you def convinced me to go get it. Thx for stopping by my blog new subscriber I like your blog very cute.

  6. I love benefit boxed blushers/bronzers. Dallas is my favourite as I can use it as a contour on my pale skin without me looking muddy ! xx

  7. I love the packaging of Benefit products so always wanted to own them! Don't want to risk spending so much if they aren't that good though so this is really useful! The Coralista looks really good. Love your blog, I will be following :) x

  8. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog! I really like your blog, and am your newest follower! Ive never tried the hoola bronzer, but Ive heard it is really good! Its great to also know that they are long lasting!

    xoxo Maria

  9. I love Hoola Bronzer, it's one of those ones I ran out of and never re purchased, but I want it back in my life. I've still not tried Sugarbomb it looks lovely though xx

  10. I've only ever used tinted moisturiser from Benefit but their packaging is so cute, especially their boxed blushers/bronzers!


  11. I use sugarbomb for my everyday blush too :) I recently bought hervana (I think it's called that!), not sure yet whether it beats sugarbomb. Great post. New follower :D xx

  12. I've never tried Benefit Hoola Bronzer, but I need to because it looks lovely and I'm always being told how amazing it is!

    Nice blog by the way, I've followed:)


  13. I love Benefit Hoola and I'd like to try Sugarbomb...I use Bella Bamba :)
    Thank you so much for following me, I'm following you back, really like all your posts so far that i've read! xxx

  14. Ooh, I like the look of Sugarbomb! I have a feeling that when swirled together, the colour is similar to my favorite blush - Laura Geller's Blush n Brighten in Boysenberry. :)

  15. Sugarbomb has been on my wishlist for a while now but I never purchased it! This has definitely persuaded me to put it back to the top of my wishlist! Thank you :) x

  16. I have never tried something from benefit but I really wanna try this bronzer and a blush so you convinced me to get these-my bank account will not be happy haha:) xx

  17. Hey thanks for stopping by my page. I love hoola too...perfect shade to bronzer & contour with. Have you tried benefit dallas??

    1. No problem :) Thanks for your comment and for following! Hoola is amazing, used it this morning and i'm all bronzed up and glowing haha I've only ever tried Hoola, Coralista & Sugarbomb but i've had my eye on Dallas for a while and think it might be my next Benefit box purchase :D xx

  18. I use Hoola, I looove it! I would love to big up Sugarbomb as well as Coralista!


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