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Sunday 8 January 2017

7 Top Tips For Staying Organised

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and had a great week. I took this week out from blogging purely because it was my first week back at work and it has also been my first week back on Slimming World and honestly, it hasn't been easy! I said at the beginning of the year that I wasn't going to put pressure on myself when it comes to blogging because ultimately I want it to be a safe and comfortable place where I can escape and ramble with you all. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on my 104 Blog Post Ideas To Keep You Inspired post I posted last week - it has been so lovely hearing that you are going to bookmark the article and use it throughout the year whenever you need some inspiration. I have absolutely been loving sharing blogging tips and overall positivity on the blog and Instagram (@SophiaMeola) so I thought I would continue the theme with todays post.

Let's talk organisation! Now, no where means am I saying that I have the whole organisation thing now...I mean, I wish I did but at the end of the day we are only human and we learn and pick up tips and tricks as we go. I have been blogging for around 5 years now and I have just hit my 2 year milestone at my first full time job since graduating University so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to share some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up.

1. Stay Healthy

This is such an obvious yet incredible important tip! I know when I was going through a little rough patch last year where I was feeling incredibly stressed out, not eating properly, not drinking enough fluids my body was literally screaming for help. Two things that really helped me get back on form was keeping track of my fluid intake and making sure I got enough sleep every night. Firstly, hydration! What I like to do now is start my day with a glass of water and sometimes I'll add some lemon and mint for an extra kick. Staying hydrated is incredibly important as it boosts brainpower, it boosts your mood and it helps to prevent headaches. I like to use My Fitness Pal to keep track of my fluids throughout the day. Secondly, Sleep! This is one I am still working on but making sure you get enough sleep each night is crucial. Sleep helps to improve memory, encourage creativity, increase your attention span (which means less procrastination), lower stress and much more.

2. Take Some Time Out

At the beginning of each week I like to set aside some time for me to gather my thoughts and jot down a list of all the important things that I know I need to focus on that week. Throughout the week I know things will be added and removed from this but it's a great starting point to get you on track. I know if I don't do this then I don't get the most out of the time that I have.

3. Take A Break 

So, we know that taking some time out at the beginning of the week is great to kick start the week ahead...but what about breaks throughout the day? Taking a break is so important! Whether you need some time out from a hobby, your blog, your phone or even walking away from your desk at home or at work for a few minutes - it's curtail that you take care of yourself. Don't ever feel like you should't take some timeout. At the end of the day know one knows yourself better than you do and if you feel like you need it then do it. Everything will be waiting for you when you are back - whether it's 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 weeks you do you.

4. Make A List 

I write lists like it is nobodies business! I feel so much better when I can visually see everything that I need to do written down all in one place. Also, lets get real, how satisfying is it checking things off your to do list? I always feel so much more motivated. If you would like to hear about all the different apps and tools I use then please let me know! Working for a technology company has really opened my eyes to some great platforms. However, taking it back a little bit there is nothing I love more than a good ol' cute notebook and planner.

5. Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Once you have your list it can be so difficult to jump into a few things at once and start to feel all over the place. Been there, done that...sometimes still do that BUT you will feel so much better working down your list one by one and checking completed tasks off as you go. Don't feel like you have to complete a million things in one day - slow and steady wins the race!

6. Take 5 At The End Of The Day 

Before you stop for the day, take five minutes to review what you achieved that day and what you will need to add to your list for the next day. When you start again in the morning, you will be ready to cross off the first thing off your list even before you have started!

7. Tidy Desk = A Tidy Mind

I have sworn by this quote ever since I started my full time Marketing role 2 years ago. I am not saying that your desk needs to be spotless but simply organised. I can sometimes horde a lot of paperwork when it's not needed which means my desk and drawers can become cluttered. Having a sort through and keeping on top of this can help eliminate the chaos and keep you on track. My desk at home is very different to my desk at work but if you would like to see how I keep them organised please let me know.

There we have it...7 top tips for staying organised! I really hope you enjoyed this post and you walked away feeling a little more inspired. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me via my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to ready every single comment...they really make my day!

Don't forget to leave any other organisation tips below!

Lots of Love



  1. I find that I always have to clean my room before carrying out a task, especially if I'm going to write a blog post or do some work. It's an essential for me otherwise I get distracted!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  2. I really need to set at least an hour aside switch my phone off and just have me time.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

  3. I love making lists - they make me get so much more done and stay on top of everything x

  4. I always feels so much better when I have a clean and tidy room! It puts my mind at rest and makes me feel heaps more productive! Although it's easily ruined once I start taking blog photos... oops xo

    Love, Catherine

  5. I am such an organised freak and I definitely follow a lot of those tips! Great post for anyone wanting to make a change this year :) xx

  6. I love posts like this! Some great ideas. Mixing my 'day job' (makeup artist) and being freelance can really make my life a jumble as I have no set work schedule - I constantly need to re-organise and tidy! xx

  7. Great tips! I can't agree with the last point enough, I work from home and find if my surroundings aren't tidy I can't focus at all. - Amy

  8. These are great tips, I really need to try and be more organised, I am terrible and am the queen of procrastination!! xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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