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Sunday 6 November 2016

The Unicorn Gift Guide ft. ASOS

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a wonderful weekend so far. I thought today that I would bring you something a little fun. Now, as we are officially heading into the festive season I love nothing more than self-indulging in a few treats, however, I also love indulging in a spot of shopping and treating all the special people in my life. I've had some great feedback on my previous gift guides that I thought I'd put another one with a special twist! I recently signed up to the ASOS Premier Delivery service and I have been completely hooked to the ASOS app ever since. I find myself throwing countless items into my shopping basket and half of which I genuinely don't need! I am developing an ASOS shopping addiction! One evening whilst browsing through the app I stumbled across a few Unicorn items and I instantly became obsessed. If you know me personally then you will know how much I love Unicorns! My cousins were round a few weeks ago and we actually counted how many Unicorn items I had in my room...I think it was something like 9 different things?! So, given my love for all things Unicorn this post has been a long time coming and I really hope you enjoy a few of my picks!

1. ASOS Metallic Unicorn Pom Bag Charm Key Ring | £6

When I saw this Unicorn Pom Bag Charm Key Ring I literally dropped my phone on my face...just look how cute and fluffy it is! I just love the silver tone chain, fluffy outer, holographic detailing and overall Unicorn design. For only £6 this would make the perfect treat to yourself or even a cute gift or stocking filler. All I know it, this has gone straight to the top of my Birthday wish list.

2. New Look Unicorn Carousel Drinking Cup | £6.99

When I saw this drinking cup it instantly reminded me of two of my favourite things; Unicorns (obvs haha) and the Central Park Carousel in New York. I was surprised with a trip to New York for my 23rd Birthday last year and I love how it reminds me of such a sweet memory. We probably have countless drinking cups already but do we have a Unicorn one...that is the question?! I love how cute and magical this one is, especially with the glitter detailing. I definitely don't drink enough water so if I was to use something like this it would definitely help me to ensure I get my daily allowance.

3. ASOS Oversized Unicorn & Rainbow Clear Makeup Bag | £15

How cute is this makeup bag?! I absolutely adore the Unicorn and rainbow all over print with the combination of the transparent material. You get the best of both worlds with this type of design, not only is it convenient when you're searching for a particular piece of makeup but it's very easy to wipe clean too! It is listed as a makeup bag but I don't see why you couldn't utilise this for other uses also.

4. ASOS Unicorn Print Tee & Legging Pyjama Set | £24

I love nothing more than lazy Sundays in my pyjamas with no makeup...imagine lazy Sundays in magical Unicorn pyjamas?! Talk about kicking it up a notch. This soft-touch jersey print tee and legging pyjama set are super adorable and would make the perfect gift for any Unicorn fan and the pink / purple vibes remind me of sweet candy floss!

5. Meri Meri Unicorn Cookie Cutter | £5

I am a huge baking fan so when I saw this Unicorn cookie cutter there were literally no words. This would make the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth who has been looking for the perfect opportunity to rustle up a batch of Instagram worthy Unicorn cookies. I'm definitely purchasing one of these for myself! If you'd like to see a Unicorn cookie recipe please let me know - I'm looking for an excuse to finally share some of my favourite baking recipes.

6. New Look Glitter Contrast Unicorn Slippers | £14.99

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Unicorn slippers for Christmas last year and they are literally the best thing ever! They were also from New Look so I'd think they would be pretty much the same as these ones...super soft to the touch with a slip on style and glitter detailing. These would pair up perfectly with the pyjamas above too.

7. Pull & Bear Unicorn iPhone Case | £9.99

I have always admire the large silicone Unicorn phones cases, they are so colourful, bright and fun! The pastel pink and green hues are so whimsical and would definitely add some magical character to your iPhone. Imagine whipping this bad boy out of your handbag - it's a total showstopper!

8. Keep Calm & Colour Unicorns Book | £4.99 

I have wanted to try an adult colouring book for the longest time, I think they sound so therapeutic and are super nostalgic. There is nothing like a Unicorn to give life some colour so I think this would make another wonderful treat or gift. Relax, take a break and let your imagination take over!

I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide post, I had so much fun putting it together! I now officially want everything on this list! I would love to hear your thoughts on the items mentioned above and of course, please leave any other Unicorn item suggestions below too - whether they are from ASOS or not. Like I mentioned, everything featured in this post is easily accessible on or via the app. If you've been looking for some Unicorn inspired gifts then I hope this post has helped - if you have any special occasions coming up or if you're looking to drop some hints to someone then please share this post (please and thank you). These are only 8 of my top picks from the ASOS website, so don't forget to head on over and browse through all of the other items too - there is something for everyone.

Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make.

What do you think about these Unicorn gift ideas?

Lots of Love

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  1. I love them all!

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