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Sunday 25 October 2015

Nighttime Essentials | NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and you are having a wonderful weekend so far. My sleeping patterns have been all over the place lately. This is down to a whole mixture of things to be honest...stress, anxiety, the fact that I have such a hectic schedule and sometimes I just turn into a night owl. Ever since I was introduced to the new NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist it has become a nighttime essential for me and I haven't stopped using it since.

NEOM are a brand I have always admired and the few products I have tried from their range I have always been incredibly impressed. A little information on the brand themselves, and more. To me, their products always seem so classic and I adore how everything is organic with the combination of having glorious holistic properties due to the high essential oil content in the scents. As a brand, they strongly oppose using harsh ingredients and want to be able to offer a beautiful collection of 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body, that are free from artificial ingredients, all with therapeutic benefits. Every scent has been designed to make you feel good and that is something I absolutely love about the products they offer.

The NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist (part of the Scent to Sleep range) has been specially formulated for use on your pillow to help create the deepest night's sleep. The formulation is made with the most complex and potent blend of their 100% natural Tranquility fragrance (I have a candle in this scent and I absolutely love it). This award-winning fragrance contains the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell absolutely wonderful but have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way you feel. This pillow mist is formulated with 14 of the purest possible essential oils that continue to release throughout the night as you sleep; these include English Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Patchouli and more. Once I am all settled and ready to head to bed I simply spritz my pillow a few times with the mist and lay back and soak in the gorgeous aromas. NEOM recommend you lay back and breath in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth for 11 seconds to start off your journey to a relaxing slumber.

Overall, I am completely in love with this specially designed Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist and I can honestly say that my nighttime routine and overall stress levels have improved since using this product. I have used this product for a good month now and I haven't even made a dent in the bottle, so for £20* you know you are going to be getting your monies worth. I know this will be a product that I will constantly be repurchasing, I just can't imagine my nighttime routine without's an essential holy grail product for me. With Christmas just around the corner I think this or any of the products on the NEOM website would be perfect to consider, whether you are treating yourself or the special people in your life. Pssst, the Christmas collection looks pretty spectacular so if you want to take a peek you can do so by clicking here! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me via my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to ready every single comment...they really make my day!

Also, did you know that if you sign up to the NEOM Wellbeing newsletter you can receive 15% off your first order. I have my code and I can't wait to use it! 

Lots of Love

*PR Sample


  1. I agree! their xmas section looks rather fab!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This sounds so good. Im sure they sell Neom at the beauty salon I go to so will look out for this. I havent tried any of their products yet! xxx

  3. wow this sounds great actually! Never heard of a scent sleep aid - but I think I need to try this!

  4. Never heard of such product ever before. Will give this a try

  5. The idea behind this product is really, really neat. And something I would TOTALLY love to try! I've always been a light sleeper and it's not uncommon for me to wait for hours after retiring to bed before I finally fall asleep. This mist might just be the magic I need :-D

  6. I'm not sure if I really believe in products like this, but you made it sound fantastic :) I might give it a go ;)

    Pink Frenzy

  7. I have apillow mist that i can't use or my boyfriend will throw the pillow out the window..he really doesn't like lavander..sigh...I wonder if they really work in aiding sleep..I know i love the scent!

  8. This slounds absolutely divine, definitely something I could do with x

  9. I love a good pillow mist and this one sounds so good!

  10. Can't wait to try these

  11. The packaging is just so pretty! I've never tried any Neom products but I love the sound of the Tranquility fragrance! I rarely have any problems sleeping but it sounds like it would be nice just for relaxing and chilling out too :D

    Jess xo


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