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Friday 12 June 2015

Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy

Hello My Lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well and have had a fabulous week! Yay for Friday and for the lovely weather we have been having the last few days - I really hope it deciders to stick around as Summer is quite overdue haha. Also, shoutout to Papa Meola as it is his Birthday today! We just got back from a lovely family meal and I had the biggest urge to sit down and blog...I do love bursts of inspiration! I thought I would share with you a new addition to my perfume collection that I think you are going to really love. I think I can vouch for the majority and say that everyone and their best friend has had or knows someone who has a Britney Spears perfume (did that even make sense haha)...I remember getting my first one back in Middle School and being completely obsessed...#noshame! I remember having countless bottles of Curious, Circus Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Radiance and I recently added Fantasy the Naughty / Nice editions to my collection. 

Last year I was extremely fortunate and was invited to a Britney Spears Dance Workshop to celebrate her launch of Fantasy The Nice Remix and The Naughty Remix. I had such an amazing time and you can see my review here and overview of the dance workshop here. Britney has such a fabulous collection of perfumes that there is literally a scent for everyone. Whether it's hip hop, dance or rock, Britney continues to surprise her fans with her unforgettable, chart-topping music. Now, Britney is revealing her most rebellious, rock 'n' roll side with her newest edition to her perfume collection, Rocker Femme Fantasy. 

"I love that each of my songs allows me to play a different character. Rocker Femme Fantasy is inspired by my edgy, rock side. I want my fans to experience that feelings of being confident and daring when they wear this scent." - Britney Spears

Just like Britney mentioned above, her latest fragrance captures her playful energy of her rocker-girl persona. With tantalising musks and sensual fruits, Rocker Femme Fantasy is a sexy scent that drives boldness and femininity thus revealing your inner rock star. Britney took inspiration from the original fantasy fragrance to create a completely new scent. The provocative side of the fragrance pulsates blackcurrant sorbet and blackberry liquor before moving into creamy coconut. The more edgy side of the fragrance uses bold florals of gardenia, jasmine and violet before finally moving into the mysterious side, where golden amber, cashmere woods and yummy vanilla musk finishes the scent. 

Rocker Femme Fantasy is such a gorgeous fragrance and has the perfect balance between all of the different ingredients and notes. I have been wearing this for work quite frequently and I have been extremely impressed with it's staying power. For a celebrity fragrance that is an Eau De Parfume, Britney's perfumes have always had such a great longevity to them. I leave my house around 7am in the morning and don't get home some evenings till gone 6pm and I can still smell the fragrance lingering on my skin and clothing - what more could you ask for from a fragrance?!

Rocker Femme Fantasy is very similar to the original Fantasy fragrance, however, of course it has an edgy twist. This bottle channels a wild, rock 'n' roll look with a vibrant hot pink shade that dramatically transitions into a dark, smoky black. Adored with glistening black stones and a detailed black collar, the fragrance suits the theme so perfectly. The bottle itself is also has quite a weigh to it which adds to the overall quality of the perfume. There is nothing I displace more than a really unstable perfume packaging that starts to crack after a few uses. 

Overall, I absolutely love this new fragrance and I think it is safe to say that Britney is definitely winning when it comes to Celebrity Fragrances - I mean she has an impressive 19 scents to back her collection! I really think that the fragrance itself is quite versatile and you could wear this during the daytime and also the evenings as it picks up the sweet coconut and also the sensual musks. As far as I am aware Rocker Femme is a limited edition fragrance (sobs) so if you are a Britney fan and want to pick this up I would act fast. The Fragrance Shop were holding a 100ml for £25 deal, however, I think they could be completely sold out now. However, I believe Boots are still stocking 50ml for £19.99 and also Superdrug

I hope you all enjoyed this post and finding out about Britney's newest release. Even though you can't smell a fragrance through a blog post I still think it relays helps you grip the fragrance before seeing it in real life. What do you think? Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

What do you think of Britney's new fragrance? Would you add it to your perfume collection?

Lots of Love
*PR Sample


  1. i love the original fantasy fragrance so will have to check this one out as well!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. OMG this packaging is so freaking cute. I love the shade of pink and obsessed with the sparkle. And I love that you like the scent too.

  3. This sounds incredible! I used to be obsessed with the original Fantasy perfume, so I can see myself liking this. x

  4. This sounds right up my street! Love sweet fragrances. Happy birthday Papa!! Xx


  5. Wow <3 such a pretty bottle! <3 Never tried a britney spears perfume before?

  6. The packaging is always incredible, it is just the scent that never really does it for me x

  7. I love the bottle! I've really liked most of Britney's scents but this sounds like exactly my cup of tea, I really love fruity and coconutty fragrances :) think I'll have to pop into Boots and have a wee sniff :) fab

    Jess xo

  8. What a cute packaging! Thanks for the review, I might get a sniff of it when I see it in the store! xo Romy
    Rusty Revolvers

  9. i absolutely LOVE all of Britney's perfumes! They are probably one of the only perfumes that are affordable that stay on all day. I always get compliments of my smell.. haha when i wear any of her perfumes! I never knew she had a new one.. i must try this one out :) great review! xx

    Shareena |

  10. It sounds like a lovely fragrance, I love the packing too xx

  11. I love her fragrances! The bottle on this one is so cute, I'd probably buy this just for that haha

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