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Thursday 27 November 2014

La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eye & Serum

Hello My Lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well? I seriously cannot believe that December is almost upon us and Christmas is under a month away! I have posted a few Christmas Gift Guide posts for you all but I still have plenty more on the way so make sure to keep checking back. Today I thought I would bring you a brand new release from La Roche-Posay; their Pigmentclar duo for eyes and face. I have only ever tried one other La Roche-Posay product in the past (review here) and I have to say they live up to the high standards everyone is constantly raving about. 

A little bit behind the brand before we hop into this post! A public utility since 1897, the thermal spring water from La Roche-Posay (Western France), naturally antioxidant, soothes and softens the skin with a unique concentration of selenium. Its clinically proven results have made it today, the top European centre of thermion dermatology. For over 40 years La Roche-Posay have worked with dermatologists throughout the world to invent skincare and makeup that meet their needs and requirements. The formulas are paraben-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic which means they have no added nasties etc. Established in 1995, La Roche-Posay has awarded more than 100 fellowships for dermatology research on four continents. The brand is also engaged, in partnership with dermatologists, in several awareness campaigns on the prevention of skin cancer.

The La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar eye and serum have been designed to target dark spots and uneven skin tone for a more luminous complexion. One thing I definitely lack within my skincare collection is eye products so I did get quite excited when I was given he opportunity to try this product. My sleeping patterns have been everywhere lately so I was really able to put this to the test and see how well it works. This product claims to brighten and illuminate tired eyes and significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. Pigmentclar Eyes is the latest innovation from the renowned French Pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay, repressing their first corrective eye care product specifically targeting dark and tired looking eyes. The lightweight formula has been created with the patented Pigmentclar complex, which works to visibly reduce brown under eye circles caused by excess melanin production, and a high caffeine concentration to reduce the appearance of blue circles caused by a sluggish circulation. An infusion of light-reflecting pigments work alongside nourishing ingredients to instantly brighten and illuminate eyes, ensuring they look vibrant and healthy. Sounds pretty good right?!

After trying this product for the first time I literally got hooked. It has a gentle, melting texture that refreshes and soothes the delicate eye contours, evening out and smoothing away any lines and imperfections to reveal radiant skin. Unlike most eye creams I have tried the formulation has an almost light peach colour which I believe helps instantly transform your eyes after application. Also, I love the fact that it comes with a metal applicator and you can immediately feel it's cooling relief and light massaging effect during application. La Roche-Posay recommend you apply this to the eye area in the morning and evening by lightly massaging from the inner to outer corners of your eyes. 

I was excited to see that the Pigmentclar line also featured a facial serum. There are so many different benefits to serums and quite frankly I love the idea of using products from the same line together. This product claims to minimise the appearance of dark spots, improve pigmentation and brighten and smooth a dull, uneven complexion with the innovative La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Serum. This pioneering serum has a lightweight, fluid texture and offers an intensive treatment for dark spot correction, with immediate complexion enhancing benefits and visible evening of the skin much like the Eye variation. The serum contains the potent, patented Pigmentclar complex, a powerful blend of anti-dark spot ingredients to significantly reduce and prevent irregularities. The highest concentrations of LHA ensures gentle yet effective exfoliation, essential for a unified complexion. 

The Pigmentclar Serum has been clinically tested, with a proven long-lasting efficacy to effectively treat all 3 types of dark spots, including emerging, established and recurrent. Instantly after use I felt my skin was left fresh, deeply hydrated and luminous. I have really enjoyed incorporating this into my skincare routine and it is great when you can actually see a product working. According to La Roche-Posay after 4 weeks the appearance of dark spots and pigment abnormalities are visibly reduced and after 8 weeks, dark spots appear significantly decreased, with a reduced intensity and colour. The results will be sustained even after application of the serum has ceased, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Just like the Pigmentclar Eye this is suitable of all skin types and is advised to be used morning and evening to the face and neck. The packaging is so sleek and I love that it has a pump which makes application so much easier without the excess waste of product!

Overall, I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance and texture of my skin, however, I personally think these are the types of products that you will not see a difference straight away with. You need to constantly be using these for a long period of time to ensure they prevent and repair dark is never too early to incorporate something like this into your skincare routine. If you would like to give this a try yourself or anything else from the La Roche-Posay line you can pick them up online and in-store at Escentual, Feel Unique and Boots. At £24.50 and £29.50 they are a little on the pricey side but keeping in with my Christmas Gift Guide theme these could also make great gifts, stocking fillers or even a treat for any skincare fanatic. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I would love to know your thoughts on the new La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar releases. Would you give them a try? What is your favourite La Roche-Posay product? Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love
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  1. I would definately try that product. :)

  2. I am a big La Roche-Posay fan and you are right, you don't see an immediate difference, you have to use the products for a few weeks x

  3. I would definitely try the eye cream as I'm always on the hunt for the ''perfect'' one :)
    Lovely review!

  4. I've heard so many good things about this eye cream,

  5. Haven't heard of this brand but I love your pictures ^^

  6. I love your clicks.. Never heard of this brand before but it seems promising

  7. never heard of this brand before but i like quick results to get me motivated to use it further ...

  8. I have never tried their products, but I would like to give it a try. Its sounds like a great product and its so hard to find a good eye products. Thanks for sharing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I've heard so many good things about these products! :)
    I think the La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes would be best for me as I get such dark eye circles!

  10. I use merumaya iconic youth serum and I honestly swear by it!

  11. Never heard of this brand! I'd love to try it out and see if I liked it too!

  12. This sounds really good, I think I'll need to invest in it! I also agree, products like this need to be used for a while before you see a difference x

  13. I see this line everytime I go to the store, but never really took a look at them. Thanks for the review, I'm definitely going to give them a try!


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