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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Super Facialist Anti-Blemish Line

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a great week so far! I feel like everything is in fast forward at the moment and I haven't even stopped to take a break. There is so much going on and I am really pushing myself but I know it will all worth it in the end. So, I thought I would mix things up a little and post about some skincare, I don't think I have in a while. I always mention that I love mixing up my skincare routine and trying out new products to see what works for me but also to review for my lovely readers. So, today I thought I would talk to you about some new skincare I have been testing out the last few weeks by Super Facialist. 

Super Facialist is a brand I have heard of but have never tried until now, so I was a total newbie to the brand. The lovely Super Facialist team got in contact with me to see whether I would like to give their new Anti-Blemish line a try. I literally jumped at the chance as I am always instantly sold from the 'Anti-Blemish' tag line! Touch wood my skin has been behaving at the moment but I know something I always want from a skincare product is to ensure that breakouts stay clear and my skin feels clean and refreshed. 

A little about the brand themselves, Super Facialist is a skincare brand created by Una Brennan who has been specialising in skincare and giving facials for over 17 years. Una's aim is to attain plump, vibrant, glowing, healthy skin at any age and for every skin type from the inside out. Her belief is simple "Skin is magnificently clever but at a very basic level it needs water in the cells and to be able to breath". The Super Facialist skincare products combine superior, innovative formulations with wonderful fragrances. Since no two complexions are the same, the range has been specially developed to allow for tailored regimes for each individual. Patent plants and essential oils combine with proven active ingredients to perfectly connect nature, science and the senses, resulting in simple skincare that works - for everyone. 

Super Facialist Anti-Blemish line harnesses the power of vitamin B3 and was created with oily and combination skin types in mind. The new Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask and Refreshing Facial Scrub contain ultra-effective vitamin B3 and Salicylic Acid to tackle imperfections and impurities, forming the ultimate skincare duo to leave blemish-prone complexions under control and flawless. Now that it was I love to hear from an anti-blemish product! 

Also, I have to include the fact that I absolutely adore how bright the packaging is. Super Facialist describe the two products as an ultimate skincare duo so I love how the alternative bright green and grey packaging is so matchy matchy so you instantly know that they are both from the same line. 

Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask

The Purifying Clay Mask instantly reminded me of the Origins Clear Improvements mask, for it's texture but also for the way it sucks the oils out of yours pores on the skin. You can clear your skin of dirt, excessive oils and toxins which lead to breakouts. The purifying clay mask allows you to eliminate impurities and ease congestion by harnessing the purifying dermatological action of Salicylic Acid and Dead Sea Mud, combined with re-balancing ingredients like magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. The mask deeply cleanses the skin's pores for a deeply cleansing facial. Whilst trying this mask out I used to love applying it on a Sunday and just relax whilst the product does it's magic. I did use the mask in a classic all over the face manor but I also spot treated and applied it to stubborn break-outs to aid the eliminating and healing process. 

Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Purify & Refresh Face Scrub

The Purifying and Refreshing Face Scrub gently yet thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates the skin to reveal a clearer, more even-textured complexion. It is an extremely creamy and gentle scrub that is enriched with hard working micro beads, cooling menthol and skin clearing Salicylic Acid which effectively eliminate dead skin cells and impurities whilst the vitamin B53 helps tackle acne prone skin. The additional inclusion of Grapeseed Oil and Elderflower in the formulation further help the skin retain moisture balance resulting is a clearer and luminous complexion. Super Facialist mention how it is gentle enough to use daily, however, I find over exfoliating does more bad than good for my skin. I could definitely tell a different in my skin after using the product almost instantly. Especially whilst being on vacation at the time, my skin did feel more moisturised and radiant. 

Overall, I am really impressed with the new Anti-Blemish line and at the moment I am keeping them in my skincare routine as they seem to be doing the trick for me and pesky breakouts. The packaging looks super fun and for £8.99 this is a total steal for a product that potentially is similar to more luxurious and expensive brands. If you would live to check out the Anti-Blemish line or some of the other products they have to offer you can check out their website here or head on over to their stockists

I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully you might have found a new skincare product to give a try. I would love to know what you think about the new anti-blemish line. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love


  1. Pleased you're impressed with this line, it sounds awesome! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Oh I've heard so many good things on the Una Brennan skincare line!! I've always wanted to try something but the brand is not available in continental Europe :( this new anti blemish line looks great!!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  3. Love the packaging, definately a head turner! I've never tried anything from the line but your reviews so good I wouldn't hesitate to try them now!

  4. This sounds like a great line, I really want to try it! The packaging is lovely too :)
    The only Una Brennan product I've tried is the Vitamin C cleansing oil which is gorgeous so I definitely want to try more :)

    Jess xo

  5. Wow amazing review! This sounds awesome, I would love to try it since I am prone to blemishes!

  6. I really like the sound of that mask, at that price I'll definitely try and pick one up :-) xx

  7. I continuously hear good stuff about this brand and their really affordable. I'm going to have to check the brand out - finally lol xo

  8. How can I buy this product in the U.S.?!!

  9. How can I but this product in the U.S.?!


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