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Thursday 17 April 2014

Sleek Face Form Palette in #Light

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a fabulous week so far. For those of you on Easter break at the moment i am completely envious of you. I am officially meant to be on break at the moment but i have been super busy with writing the remaining chapters of my dissertation and practically living in the University library, i haven't really had time to do anything except the necesseties…hence why i have been a little lazy with my blog recently. I know lately for me in the mornings makeup has been literally anything between 5 - 10 minute job purely because i can't be bothered as i am so sleep deprived haha. So something i have really been enjoying to use in the morning to perk myself up a little is the Sleek Face Form Palette. 

This palette has been part of my makeup collection for a few years now and i have made my way through a good few, usually running out of the amazing highlighter first! I have actually done a dupe post including this palette and an Urban Decay Flushed palette which you can take a peek at here. This particular palette was sent to be as part of the #YourSleekLove campaign a few weeks ago and it is still an ultimate favourite of mine. I was first introduced to this palette whilst hunting down the famous contour palette in Superdrug a few years ago. With multi-tasking elements such as a contour powder, highlighter and blusher, the Face Form palette is the ultimate face definition kit in one neat compact designed to suit all skin tones. The Face Form palette is available in four different shades, Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. Given that i haven't fake tanned i usually fall into the light skin category, however, i feel the Light shade would suit Olive and tanned skins also. I love using it on vacation where i get a sunkissed glow to my skin…both the blush and highlighter look perfect and enhance my tan!

Much like the contour kit which Sleek also offers, the Face Form palette includes both a contour and highlight shade with the addition of a beautiful blush or bronzer shade depending on which shade you oft for our of the four available. The two lighter skin tone palettes include the infamous Rose Gold blush which is absolutely stunning whilst the medium and dark palettes include a shimmery bronzer shade. I have a few Sleek makeup goodies in my collection and i think they are all incredible and great quality for a high street brand. The Sleek powders are incredibly pigmented and apply like a dream as they are buttery soft. The brushes i use will change on a day to day basic, however, i do love applying the contour shade with my Real Techniques Blush Brush to warm up my entire complexion, the blush shade with my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush and my Real Techniques Contour Brush with the highlight shade so i can apply it precisely on my cheeks. 

All three of the shades within the palette are absolutely gorgeous! I love how the contour shade is free of orange tones and is completely matte so you will get a completely natural looking contour. I absolutely adore the highlighter and it is usually the first pan to finish out of the palette for me personally. It is such a pigmented and beautiful champagne shade that i love to use as an eyeshadow too.  Lastly, the blush is also another gorgeous shade and being Rose Gold i am even more in love with it as i love anything Rose Gold! It is incredibly pigmented like the other two shades and with its slight shimmery particles within the formula it makes your skin look so healthy and dewy. After i swatched the shades i literally thought that they looked like Neapolitan Ice Cream…anyone else think that?! 

Overall, i think this is a wonderful little palette, perfect for use everyday, when in a rush and when on the go travelling. It is a one stop shop for all thinks cheek and face related. For £9.99 i think you cannot go wrong. Each pan works out at £3.33 which i think is an absolute bargain and i would recommend this palette to anyone. It is constantly propping up in my tweets at #bbloggers chat! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I would love to know your thoughts on the Face Form palette, if it is something you have already used before or something you really want to give a try. Also, let me know what your #YourSleekLove it! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love
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  1. I love the mix of colours in this palette, looks fab for contouring! xx

  2. I've only tried one blusher from Sleek so far and I LOVE it so i will definitely get one of these brilliant palettes :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I love the look of this, brilliant review - and you look super pretty!

    I might just have to go and grab this palette :)

    Laura x

  4. I have been hunt down this palette for ages, and they are always out at all the Superdrugs I tend to frequent, which are about at least 3! Now I know it is a must for me to purchase, so I might as well give in and buy the palette online.


  5. I've been wanting to try this for ages, but light is always sold out in my local Superdrug!

  6. I went looking for this yesterday and it was out of stock :( It's so gorgeous!!

  7. I love love love the Sleek palettes, it's all I use to bronze up my face!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  8. I love this! I really want to get it.


  9. I finally ordered one of the sleek three blush palettes....shoulda ordered this one too! Gar! :D

  10. Just discovered your blog and Instagram, love it! I bought the sleek face form pallet a couple of months back, and I just love it!! Such a bargain too! X

  11. Just discovered your blog and Instagram, love them!! I bought the Sleek Faceform palett a couple of months back and it's just amazing, and such a bargain!!


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