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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Chanel | Le Blanc - Sheer Illuminating Base

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well :) i have another Chanel post here for you today, i went a little Chanel crazy after my makeover and picked up some new goodies which i couldn't wait to use and review. One of the new goodies being 'Les Blanc' which is a sheer illuminating base, which is much like a primer for under your foundation or it could be used on it's own if blended out really well for a natural dewy glow to the skin.

As you can see the product itself comes in a frosted glass bottle which does look very stunning, however, i dread to think if i was ever to drop it what would happen! This would look beautiful on display in my Beauty Closet but i'm not sure how it would work out for traveling as it is quite a hefty bottle i'd be worried if it damaged, but i'm sure i'll find a way.

Le Blanc comes with a flat plastic spatula which has been designed to scoop out the product out of the bottle to avoide making a mess as their is no pump. Before purchasing this primer i had read a few reviews about it and most of them would have loved a pump. I would also love a pump, however, i really don't mind using the spactual, i feel i can access the right amount of product that i need and i feel this way the product will go a longer way.

I absolutely love the scent this product has, like i said in some previous Chanel posts, the Perfume designer actually creates the fragrances for the makeup also. This product has a beautiful subtle fresh rose scent. When i apply it to my face i feel really refreshed. When you smell it you instantly think of 'Chanel' as the rose scent is iconic with the brand.

The texture is quite thin so when applied under your makeup it won't feel heavy or as if it's 'clogging' up yours pores. The finish is very natural and gives just the right about of illumination to the skin to enhance the look of 'flawless'  illuminised skin. The formula helps smoothe away redness, minimuses the look of pores and keeps foundation in place all day long. What more could you ask for? :D

Overall, i'm really enjoying using this product. I havent been using it on a daily basis as it is on the pricey side, i tend to use it for more special occassions or when i'm after that dewy look to my skin or when i need my makeup to last that little bit longer. I feel this could be used a liquid highlighter also as it is quite light and white in shade. If you apply it along your cheekbones and down your nose i think it would finish off a look nicely if it was also set with a powdered highlighter.

I hope you enjoyed this review, i'd love to know your thoughts on this product. I'd also love to know of any products you would recommend for me to try out :D

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below or contacting me via my social media :) i love love loveee hearing from you all and i read every single comment!

Also, i posted my 2nd every Youtube video if you want to go take a peek CLICK HERE :D It's a Collective Haul video :)

Lots Of Love


  1. This sounds really lovely and I do like the bottle, very chic xx

  2. Ooo this products looks amazing! and you cannot beat a bit of chanel, the packaging is always beautiful.

  3. You love your Chanel ;) This sounds really good! xx

  4. All of the Chanel packaging is so amazing this looks lovely. Thanks for the review xx

  5. this sounds like a really interesting product hun! :) I have sooo much loving for Chanel too! dewy skin is a must for spring/summer too! so will be great for the warmer months & nights out :) xxx

  6. This sounds really beautiful, I'm obsessed with primers lately!

  7. I use this its like cashmere on my face lol x great post

  8. This sounds lovely and I love the Chanel packaging but doubt this would work with my oily skin :)

  9. this sounds lovely! love your chanel posts xx

  10. This sounds really good! There is something about Chanel that just looks amazing xx

  11. Sounds really good, interesting how it comes with a spatula- getting technical now :P Id love to try it, but agree its on the pricey side. Great review though


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